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About Us

Excellence Recruitment Pvt. Ltd.

Excellence Recruitment is a consummate company in the contemporary human capital and staffing arena with an aim to lead the way endowing with the comprehensive solutions in the HR domain for growing organizations. We at Excellence Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. seek to venture a trust worthy drive providing the most reliable professional custom key in the HR mainstay such as recruitment, staffing, back ground check, payroll administration and other HRO solutions.

Human Resource solely focuses on the enhancement of client organizations by providing quality services on various aspects of their human resources and by letting the organization focus on its core issues.

We Dream Big

Our Mission , Vision & Belief

“To gratify our clients, providing a proficient and certainly a reliable solution in the human resource domain within the least time empowering the present and impending work force”.
“With a close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented professional, our vision is to be one of the premier HR service provider”.
"We believe, excellence is not a skill rather it is an attitude. We crave to be known for our attitude of not merely meeting deadline, but beating deadline while providing services to our esteemed client organizations. Our employees are our biggest strength who has built good relationship with our clients and have come up to their expectations. Team effort is our key to deliver quality in services.”

Continously Growing

Recruitment Areas

We are committed to transfer skills and share best practices with our client organizations. Through a blend of customer tailored service offerings and a market leading staff, we bring value to our clients by improving corporate performance, increasing flexibility and achieving significant cost savings.
Offering high quality HR services.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms For Recruitment Services: (Permanent & Contractual)

Permanent Staffing:
1. Excellence Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will be charging the client a fee on annual gross salary paid to the selected candidate(s) as in:
>> 8.33% for entry or basic level recruitment.
>> 9.50% for middle level recruitment.
>> 11.00% for higher-level recruitment

Contractual Staffing:
Pricing depends on your requirement


Join Us for Long Term Benefits



Our Long Term Relationship Approach

Each and every client is special to us. And we seek a long term relationship with our valued clients instead of considering them just another client. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agreement governs the entire arrangement between our clients and Excellence Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. Placement & outsourcing contract would detail the responsibilities of both parties, the processes and procedures to be implemented, define the benchmarks against which the service will be measured, quality standards that will be achieved, reporting standards and timing, the fee structures and payment terms, remedies in the event of non-performance and any other issues that are relevant to the agreement. Whilst our objective will always be to exceed our client’s expectations, it is critical to the long-term success of the arrangement that a joint culture is created and the parties behave in a manner that ensures the spirit of partnership is maintained.